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Posted on May 27 2016

Name: Natalie Upton
Age: 37
Location: Houston, TX
# of babes: 2

How would you best describe your style? I would describe my style as an even mix of boho and the classics. I might mix a pretty floral with some leather pants, and tennis shoes. I love high waisted denim, and a white v-neck with some CBL’s too... It just depends on the day!

Jane Birkin or Olivia Palermo? Can I say both? I love Birkin’s undone, “just living”, messy hair, sun child vibe. I adore Palermo’s ability to pair unexpected pieces and patterns together for a flawless look. I think both have places of inspiration in my closet.

If you could have any TV or movie character’s wardrobe, whose would you choose and why? I mean.... Carrie from Sex in The City?! I know that might seem predictable, but she celebrated herself through clothing and did an amazing job of mixing it up. I loved that about her character. You never knew what she was going to wear, you just knew you’d probably love it.


What made you choose the LB piece you’re currently styling? After having two kids in 4 years, my body has changed. It’s not better, it’s not worse... but owning that crop top in this post baby body... that felt important for me personally. I think Mothers can get corralled into a category of fashion. What they “should” be wearing. This top says, “Nah girl. Own it.” and I LOVE that!

What’s in your bag? Diapers, wipes, sunnies, 10 lippy options, my iPhone, a little Minnie Mouse doll, and some Goldfish;)

What has been the best fashion/beauty advice you’ve received? Don’t say things to yourself if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend. We as women, are so hard on ourselves, and it’s so damaging to our minds AND to our Daughters.

How do you reset, recharge and keep feeling good as a mama? I thrive on alone time, but having 2 kids at home... well... you already know. During their afternoon nap, I go into my office, light some incense, put on some music, and I breathe. I might be working, editing photos, or answering emails, but I always feel recharged and ready for “the second shift” when they wake up.

How has your style changed since becoming a mom? I feel more confident in my style, and if I feel uncomfortable in something now I won’t wear it.

Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to still be stylish? BE stylish, and do it unapologetically. We all know how easy it is to forget about ourselves as we attend to our family’s needs, and those jeans you’ve been lusting after fall further and further down on the list. Get the jeans babe. You deserve it!

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