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SIX WAYS STYLE CHALLENGE | Lisa "Luminisa" Stramiello

Posted on May 27 2016

LOOK #1 || STYLING: Rise of the Woman | Vintage Summer Tee || Hey loves! I’m from New York residing in sunny California. I did this first shoot in my home because it is my sanctuary.  Although the concept “Protector Lover Mother” deeply resonates with me I decided to go with the “Rise of The Woman” tee. At 33 years of age I love being a woman (and we all know that transition can be a struggle!) Also the amount of incredible women I’ve met in this past year has been magical. So here I am wearing this dope t-shirt in perfect timing, with powerful meaning. I eventually had to cut the sleeves off because I’m just not a sleeves person! While I was doing that I found one of my belts and figured I’d throw it on! Anyway, I’m simply wearing it with a skirt that I jacked up to wear high waisted, sandals, and of course accessories. I live for accessories! That is pretty much why I’ve been selling earrings recently which are in these photos as well. I feel you can wear the most simple thing and if you add some accessories you’re good to go! Well my Queens, til next month! xo

Side note: my sun didn’t want to be part of it (he’s camera shy) we’ll see if I’ll get him in at some point. ;)



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  • Domenico carbone : August 01, 2017

    Hey living in Cali now huh? If this message gets to my girl Lisa Stramiello, I miss you. 6315122469.NY Love.

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