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Posted on May 31 2016

LOOK #1 || STYLING: Rise of the Woman | Black Tshirt Crop || I just want to kick off my season with LB by saying that I am SO grateful and honored to be included in such a monumental movement. LB is reaffirming my beliefs, my hopes and my personal integrity as a mother and a woman every single day. I've had many (MANY) people, from family members to strangers, tell me that I don't look Like A Mom, or that I have to change myself if I want to be accepted and respected as a mother. What!?? Acceptance and respect come from yourself first. All I need to know is that my kid is cared for and healthy and is being given the chance to live HIS best life, in accordance with what he sees and learns from me. And let me tell you, I'm not about to let 1 (or more) disapproving look thrown at me in the grocery store stop me from raising my kid with my own values and priorities. LB is fighting for my right to be a multidimensional woman, for all of us mothers to be ourselves, maintaining our autonomy while also kicking ass at motherhood. And that rocks.
That being said, my style is self-described as "all black everything so it all matches at 6AM when I pull random pieces out of that one pile of clean (ish?) laundry that I keep dreaming I'll have the time to fold." I keep it simple and comfortable, with a bit of an attitude complex. Jeans, tshirts, slip on shoes, DONE, out the door. Oh god, smoothie spill. Oops, let's use the bathroom first. Oops, kiddo lost a shoe. Hey, where are my keys? In my hand. OKAY NOW WE'RE OUT THE DOOR. So easy, so effortless. 
The truth is, we all know life with kids is hectic, and we're all just doing our best! Staple tees like Rise Of The Woman™ are perfect for me because I know it's fast, comfortable, and they make the statement I want to make all at the same time.

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Six Ways is a monthly style challenge where contributors take their favorite piece from the current collection and style it six different ways over the span of the A|W or S|S season.



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