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Friday Favorites - Not Another Pumpkin Spice Everything List

Posted on October 28 2016

In the Northeast last week we were lucky enough to enjoy a few days of Indian Summer. Despite those few days of warmth, my excitement for fall never wavered. In celebration of fall weather finally showing up (just in time for Halloween) here are some of my favorite things for fall. 

1. These blankets are the perfect amount of cozy for squeezing the last bit of evenings outside before the cold rolls in. 

2. Confession: I am not creative in the kitchen. Unless I can slap it on a tortilla and call it a Taco than I'm fresh out of ideas. Smitten Kitchen's recipes have saved me a couple times. Gorgeous photos that look good enough to eat, and uncomplicated yummy recipes. SK's beef chili + sour cream and cheddar biscuits have landed on my weekend To Eat list. Bonus, here's one of my all time favorite Smitten Kitchen recipes. 

3. Snickerdoodle S’more Kit  by Ticket Chocolate – way better than Basic s’mores. Pro tip – skip the fancy skewers and stick with sticks. The metal s'more skewers get blazing hot and someone is guaranteed to end up with burnt fingers. 

4. Enjoy those delicious s'mores while sipping some spiked hot cocoa from the most Bad A** mug.  I prefer spiced rum in my cocoa, but if you're more on the sweet side a splash of Peppermint Schnapps will do the trick. 

5. My chilly weather secret weapon. You know that Frank's Red Hot commercial where the older woman says "I put that sh*t on everything"...Thats me with Lucas Paw Paw. Cracked hands, dry lips, bug bites, cuts, sunburn...It's completely magic. 

What are you favorite things for fall?







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