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IMMA DO ME || Product Spotlight Continued

Posted on June 30 2016

IMMA DO ME || "I am happy to have found my passion and my love for making people feel beautiful inside and out. Love what you do, always." - Emily Thibault 

Emily (right) and Eliana (left), cosmetology students at Aveda Institute Tampa Bay.

Life has this funny way of putting things into perspective, even when not desired. However that may happen, you have to think about the things in life that bring you happiness. Life is way too short to not be doing what you love. For Emily and Eliana, that happiness comes from making people feel their absolute best through the art of hairdressing. 

Becoming a hair stylist is so much more than the stereotypical concept. You aren't just cutting or coloring someone's hair, you are creating a piece of art together. You are taking someone's ideal and making it a reality. You give people their confidence back to remember how beautiful they've always been. Sometimes it takes as little as a new haircut and other times it can be a full day project. Regardless, stylist are there to meet all desires. 

We are all beautiful in our own way, but sometimes we need a little push to remember that. That is why Emily and Eliana do what they do, that is how they achieve their happiness, and that is what "IMMA DO ME" means to them. 




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