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Not A Basic Babe || Apryl

Posted on November 03 2016

NAME: Apryl Chapman-Konar
AGE: 29 (but I feel like I live the life of a 50 year old woman)
LOCATION: Anaheim, CA supreme 'burb dweller

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? I guess I haven't ever really had a solid style. I love a little of everything. I grew up shopping at Salvation Army's, Goodwills and garage sales. I rock a mean Afro along with plain black Oxford flats. I love a soft t-shirt and a print dress. Sometimes a head wrap with my clear pink glasses. I love to dress a little bit differently everyday. I know that being a plumper lady has brought some style challenges but I've always prided myself on my corkiness no matter what others thought.


WHAT DOES NOT A BASIC BABE MEAN TO YOU? It means a person who's will to step out of their comfort zone. Someone who dives into their closet and comes out feeling like themselves with a breath of fresh air. 


WHAT IS YOUR NOT A BASIC BABE ANTHEM? Ha right now I have been listening to Erykah Badu's Mama's Gun album on vinyl. Also Solange's single 'Mad' from her new album! It's so damn good! 

WHO INSPIRES YOU? I think a big inspiration comes from my daughters. I have three girls who just roll with it. and not afraid to just be themselves. They like what they like and there is no stopping them. My oldest who is 7 is pretty goth with a tad bit of Lisa Frank. My 2 year old will wear a costume anywhere and my 1 year old loves to hang in a pair of shoes with her baby buns out. All three wear converse that always tie in their looks! 

CELEBRITY YOU WOULD WANT TO BE A STYLIST FOR: Brittany Howard (the lead singer of Alabama Shakes) 

WHAT KEEPS YOU FEELING ON TOP OF YOUR GAME? Well being a photographer and a mom it's truly tough to stay on my game. Some days I just wear Toms, black leggings, a cute shirt and a camera draped around my neck. When I run a pick through my hair and drop any shade of lipstick on I feel like super woman (even if I didn't have time to brush my teeth that day.) 

IF YOU COULD TELL THE WORLD ONE THING ABOUT YOURSELF, WHAT WOULD IT BE? It would be that being black, quirky, intelligent and big doesn't make any less of a person. I look at the world differently than some and I think that's pretty unique. I have my insecurities sure but they don't define my beauty and the mark I make on the world. 


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