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Posted on August 02 2016

LOOK #3 || STYLING: RISE OF THE WOMAN | WHITE TSHIRT CROP || Part of my daily routine as a woman is the motherhood role, namely putting the
kids to bed. It’s one of my favourite times of the day. The bedtime cuddles,
reading stories, goodnight kisses and then heading downstairs for a well-
deserved coffee. From 8 o’clock on it’s my time to unwind and relax. No toys
lying around the floor. No ridiculous cartoons or nursery songs on. Nobody
hanging off me anytime I try to FaceTime a friend or family member. Just me and my book/Netflix/notebook etc.
Seeing as it’s my evening chill-out time, I haven’t the gorgeous crop top paired with a tight high-waisted skirt or accessories. It’s just me in comfy clothes. Make-up off, glasses on and bare foot. Just the way I like it.



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