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Posted on March 09 2017


These photos sum up motherhood perfectly. One second life is good, the skies are calm, your soul relaxes and a slight smile concurs your face and then suddenly, almost in the blink of an eye a wild storm of emotion and pandemonium can hit you without any warning. It creeps up behind you ever so slightly before it strikes, unapologetically.

My sweetheart and I decided to do the six-ways-style up the cliff walk near where we live in West Cork, Ireland. ‘The weather is beautiful now’, I told my sister as I left my kids with her for an hour, ‘We have to get the photos before the weather changes.’ As I’m sure many of you already know, the weather in Ireland can be quite whimsical, to put it gently. As we made our way up the beautiful cliff walk, with the sun beaming down on top of us, we found ourselves becoming more playful and appreciative of the beautiful area that we now live, after our recent move from the Netherlands. We noticed a family running down the cliff side in the opposite direction. We thought it strange but didn’t take much notice of them. We were focussing on the task at hand; get pictures for the LB brand. *click click click* My personal photographer (thanks Lovey) was working his magic, capturing the breath-taking scenery around us with me and my gorgeous Modern Motherhood shades centre stage. Seconds later we got distracted by a couple brushing past us on their journey down. A slight look of panic upon their flustered faces. Diverting our attention to what had them in a tizzy, we realized a huge rainstorm was about to descend upon us, thrusting winds the forewarning.  

We waited until the clouds sheet of rain nearly reached us before we ran as fast as our legs could take us, down the cliff walk, towards our car. Motherhood can be like that. One minute everything is perfect and sunshine, the next you find yourself in the heart of a wild storm. Those storms, I feel, are the key moments in life that teach us what we are here to learn. We all have different paths, leading us to different destinations in life. Each storm in life takes us through unfamiliar territory. It’s up to you how you’re going to learn from it. Are you going to bitch and moan about whatever shit went down or are you going to take a moment to assess the damage, figure out how you could have avoided it and plan you’re next step in getting back on track to where you want to, need to be.

Be strong. Be ambitious. Be bold. Be daring. Be resilient. Be kind. Be respectful. Be Modern Motherhood.


Six Ways is a monthly style challenge where contributors take their favorite piece from the current collection and style it six different ways over the span of the A|W or S|S season.


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