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Posted on July 25 2016

LOOK #3 || STYLING: Rise of the Woman | Black Tshirt Crop || I honestly could have submitted this look for every single feature, that's how often you'll find me in a plain black, soft cotton, tie-it-up-so-I-can-chase-the-toddler skirt or dress. It's so easy you guys, and the bonus is that it's comfortable without looking lazy (even though I am, in the context of dressing myself, the laziest person you know). My ideal outfit is head to toe black, so this definitely works for me. It costs nothing, washes well and, if you ask Grayson, makes for a GREAT place to wipe sticky popsicle hands- very important. The best part is that it's a no-brainer, no planning involved. I go back and forth with how much traditional femininity I incorporate into my style, but I always come back to this because it feels like the perfect balance for me. One of those outfits that makes you feel the most like YOU, y'know? (even if you're just a dweeb in a greenhouse who doesn't know what to do with her arms during a photo shoot)

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Six Ways is a monthly style challenge where contributors take their favorite piece from the current collection and style it six different ways over the span of the A|W or S|S season.


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