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SIX WAYS STYLE CHALLENGE | Lisa "Luminisa" Stramiello

Posted on July 22 2016

LOOK #3 || STYLING: Rise of the Woman | Vintage Summer Tee || July, feelin all American and stuff :) Ready to get scooped up in that motorcycle in any minute, and with that I am wearing my head scarf from a thrift store as well as my leather jacket and boots from other thrift stores. There is no shame in my thrift game. I’m also wearing levi jeans that a friend gave me and some crazy bobcat mandible earrings that my SUN picked out (lets just hope it was a natural death) My accessory addiction can get crazy sometimes lol and of course with my bangles, can’t leave the house without em! There are many sides to me, the throw on a sundress and sandals free spirit vibe or put on a pair of jeans with some boots wild spirit vibe. I guess it’s just The Rise of a Woman.

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