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Posted on June 29 2016

LOOK #2 || STYLING: HAIGHT ASHBURY MOTHER | VINTAGE SUMMER TEE || These photos were taken on a sad day. The weight of current events was heavy. It felt, at the time, like there was nothing but unnecessary hatred and chaos in the world. So together with my family, we escaped to our happy place. A place where everything is green, bright and free to grow as it pleases.

This space serves as an inspiration and fills me with hope and encouragement as I navigate my way through motherhood. A calming environment where, along with my son, we refocus, recharge and continue in the direction we're headed.

We're constantly moving toward a place where we put love first, above everything else. Where we allow one another to blossom without interference. Where we not only admire, but embrace, the differences that we discover between ourselves.

On this particular day, where sadness weighed heavy on so many in the world, we found ourselves in our sanctuary of sorts. A place where we felt safe, had hope in our hearts and nothing but joy on our faces.

Although I often worry, I have much more hope for the world that my son will grow up in. In the words of Band of Horses, which by the way has been spinning on repeat in my household: "Bring some peace to this word and keep passin' it on. As far as we've come, we've still further to go."



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