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Posted on August 18 2016

Name(s): Levi + Matthan
Age(s): 7 + 4 
Location: Alaska
Styling: Modern Kid | White T Shirt + Modern Kid Love Gang | White T Shirt 

These two are incredible. They are BEST friends. They haven’t spent more than a couple hours apart. Ever. Levi is gentle and kind and helps Matthan with everything. Matthan is feisty and difficult and not always appreciative but there’s no one he'd rather be with. They play legos and draw and read and take dance and yoga… and they do it together. They're such an amazing team. Sure they fight, but they laugh and love more. 

Levi is a one of a kind child. Most times I stare at him and wonder where in the world he came from. Other times I know exactly where he came from because he has my temper and passion and when we go head to head… it is fierce (leo and aries. watch out). He is absolutely brilliant and I take no credit for that. He has a gift. He is sensitive and so caring. Being the big brother of Matthan, who has cerebral palsy hasn’t been easy but Levi has never complained. Levi has always helped and encouraged and loved Matthan and Ill be honest, Matthan is hard to handle sometimes. But Levi just loves him and he tells me all the time how thankful he is that Matthan is his brother. Levi is very introverted. It takes him time to come out of his shell. He is a total perfectionist, he over analyzes things and pays very close attention to detail and I think that’s why he loves ballet. He's never really had an interest in sports (yet. Maybe he will and we'll support that) but he fell in love with dance last fall and I can see it building his confidence and as a mother, that is the greatest thing to watch. 

Matthan has been fierce since before he was able to translate that through his clothes. He's always been extremely opinionated and loud and has so much personality that he doesn’t even know what to do with himself. He is very confident in everything he does, whether its his clothes or art or legos or more simple things like jumping- something that doesn’t come very easily to him. Matthan was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy around his second birthday. At that time he still couldn't bare any weight on his legs and had never taken any steps. He was extremely delayed physically, as well as verbally. He was so smart but we had no idea HOW smart because he was trapped in his little body. Sometimes he would just scream and cry in frustration, and I sat their helpless because I didn’t understand what he was trying to tell me and there was nothing I could do to fix it. Around age 3 he really started to blossom. He gained so much confidence and now we cant get him to stop talking and moving. He is quick and sarcastic. And the stories he tells… oh the stories. He is so creative. Everything he draws has a story behind it. Everything he does has a purpose. He has an IDGAF attitude about everything. He picks the clothes he wants to wear. His wardrobe includes dresses, floral prints, hearts, stripes, star wars, and lots of colors. He is not limited by his gender. He gets stares. Maybe it’s the green hair, maybe its the clothes, maybe its the way he walks. He doesn't even notice. He could care less about what anyone thinks and that shines through with his clothing.


The Revamped KIDS Uniform is a style series where kids from around the globe show us what it means to be stylish.



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  • Lea : November 18, 2018

    I stumbled on your site when I was searching for our son’s music. His name is Levi Matthan Schrumpf (age 23), and his musician name is simply “Levi Matthan.”

    Looks like we each have some creatives in our midst. :)

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