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THE REVAMPED KIDS UNIFORM | Valetta, Lulubell + August

Posted on July 28 2016

Name(s): Valetta, Lulubell, and August.
Age(s): 7, 5, and 2.
Location: Southern California.
Styling: Modern Kid Love Gang || White & Black Kids T-shirts  & Black Is The New Black || Kids Slim Fit Jogger

Our power trio is fueled by sun, sound and style. Southern California natives means that the beach lifestyle is in their blood. The call of the waves is a daily occurrence, as is the style that goes with it. Living in a city that is both by the sea and urban at the same time lends itself to the kids fashion choices. Easy, functional and stylish.  

Valetta, the eldest daughter, is the leader of the group. Although shy, she loves the spotlight and fronts the trios band as the lead singer. Always graceful in her fashion looks and movements. Valetta will pair her Modern Kid Love Gang T-shirt with a boho maxi skirt one day and skateboarding outfit the next. Valetta enjoys fashion and expresses herself through creating different looks to suit her mood.

Lulubell is the middle daughter. The guitarist, the rough and tumble girl. The loudest and most vocal. Lulubell is the one who pairs her Modern Kid Love Gang Shirt with a pair of motorcycle boots and each and every tutu in her arsenal. Often singing a Ramones song on the way to preschool.

August, our boy, rounds out the band. He is the drummer, and the anchor. He is the protector. No one messes with his sisters. They consider him their Prince Charming. When he sees himself in a Modern Kid Gang t-shirt alongside them, he beams with pride, knowing that this is where he belongs. His family, his tribe, his gang.

Truly a Modern Kid Love Gang.



The Revamped KIDS Uniform is a style series where kids from around the globe show us what it means to be stylish.


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