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Posted on November 08 2016

Name: Ximena + Ariel
 5 and 2
Black is the New Black Jogger + Dear Big Me Jogger 

When I found out 5 years ago I was expecting a girl, I swore that she will never wear pink or girly girl things! When I found out I was having a second girl, I swore that they will never wear matchy match things!  Well… five years later both of those things have gone out the door!  First of all, my sweet but determined 5 years old’s favorite colors are blue and pink… and I just can’t hold back seeing these two best friends match but only every once in awhile!  Thankfully gender neutral clothing is available and we can add just the right amount of pink to make Ximena happy! As for Ariel, as long as big sister is wearing it, she will too!

Ximena loves exploring our city, whether it involves dinning or window shopping on our old town or running around a local playground so comfortable but stylish clothing is a must! She has a very eclectic style so she may very well pair these joggers with a pink leotard or a native shirt to represent her roots! 


Ariel is an active toddler so her priorities when it comes to clothing are: being able to move freely and climb things without a problem.  She also looks up to her sister and will wear anything similar or matching with her so their styles are very similar, however in the last few weeks she has been very opinionated on what she wears and is showing preference on certain items.  Certainly these “Dear Big Me” joggers are perfect because we also can’t wait to see who she becomes!! 

The Revamped KIDS Uniform is a style series where kids from around the globe show us what it means to be stylish.


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