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The Revamped Mom Uniform | Corinne Viruet

Posted on August 02 2016

Name: Corinne Viruet
Age: 25
Location: Ventura, CA
# of babes: 1

How would you best describe your style? This is a hard one because sometimes it really depends on the day! Overall, I tend to grab for my neutrals and dress them up with pops of color via accessories, lip color and nail polish. I also wear sunnies every day and have tons of different styles and colors.

Jane Birkin or Olivia Palermo? Olivia Palermo

If you could have any TV or movie character’s wardrobe, whose would you choose and why? Take me back to the 90s and I’d go full on Cher Horowitz! Her perfectly planned out ensembles, matching accessories and, of course, that amazingly high tech (and organized) closet! And I’m totally guilty of using retail therapy to feel better on a bad day!

What made you choose the LB piece you’re currently styling? I think the shirt says it all! This is the year of women and women being heard and seen!

What’s in your bag? My bag right now is my Skip Hop diaper bag. With a 10 month old it pretty much contains all the boring stuff: diapers, wipes, clothes. I like to call the tiny zipper pocket on the top “my pocket” because it’s the perfect size for my wallet and lipstick!

What has been the best fashion/beauty advice you’ve received? I think it’s a toss up between “always curl away from the face” and “there is no such thing as using too much mascara (or faux lashes).”


How do you reset, recharge and keep feeling good as a mama? Thankfully I have an amazing Fiancé who lets me sneak away when I need it! Nothing makes me feel better than a good nap, a black coffee on ice and some freshly colored hair!

How has your style changed since becoming a mom? I find myself shopping on my Fiancé’s side of the closet a lot more often, whether it be for a cozy cotton tee or a flannel for around my waist!

Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to still be stylish? It’s the little things that matter! Adding some dope sunnies, a bright lip or a few curls in your hair makes all the difference especially on those hard days (trust me)!

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