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The Revamped Mom Uniform | Janel Finch

Posted on May 30 2017

NAME: Janel Liles
AGE: 23
LOCATION: Boardman, OH
# OF BABES: mama of 2 


HOW HAS BECOMING A MOM CHANGED YOU? Motherhood with its challenges, in fact, is still changing me - it's a continual process. It has become the internal spotlight in my life that exposes everything; like, airing all my dirty laundry! I used to think that I was an extremely patient person, until I've had to repeat myself several times in a row, then I realized how much more patience motherhood requires! Being a mom definitely challenges how I view myself, and pushes me to become a better version of me daily because my children are watching; they are my top priority. 

HOW DO YOU STAY CONNECTED WITH YOURSELF AND MAINTAIN WHILE ROCKING THE MOM-LIFE? I've come to realize that balance is key. We mothers hear it, but we don't always internalize it. Being a mom is not an exclusive role, but being a healthy version of yourself is imperative to it. I try to carve out "me time" a couple minutes a day. I usually stay up a little later after the kids go to bed just to give myself the opportunity to do something for me. Whether that's reading/writing, talking to a friend, or drinking coco with my mom. On the larger scale, being a single mom, I am blessed to have an amazing support system in my parents. They provide me moments to do coffee with friends, catch a show, or whatever it is that I need to separate being in mom-mode. They understand that it's important, and I'm grateful they allowed me to do it. 

WHAT IS YOUR MOM UNIFORM? My mom uniform is denim, denim, and more denim. It's kind of an obsession. I love it. It's classic, can be dressed up or down, and most importantly, it's easy to wash. So if I get yogurt lips or pizza fingers on my clothes, I don't have to worry about them being destroyed. Now more than ever that's a deal breaker #nodrycleaning. 

WHAT HAS BEEN THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'VE RECEIVED? Best piece of advice I've received across the board, is just to be true to who you are. It is a universal piece of advice - it doesn't matter whether we're talking about parenthood, your job, relationships, or lifestyle in general. If I am true to me, then that's always the right answer. I may have veered off from this advice in the past, but it's always been the truth and I always return back to it. 

WHAT IS IN YOUR BAG? My bag is still not quite my bag - it's the baby bag. So I only carry things that are super essential to me. A really great moisturizing lotion because my hands are always super dry. An equally amazing lip balm - surprising loving Aquaphor right now. Some sort of chocolate. A more recent addition, a journal to capture in the moment ideas and reflections. And I'm in dire need of a portable charger because I take tons of pictures on my phone, so that'll be added to the mix shortly. 

BEYONCE OR LAURYN HILL? Lauryn Hill all day! 

WHAT SONG ARE YOU LISTENING TO ON REPEAT? Honestly, the airwaves haven't been my own in quite some time. If its not on Sesame Street or Peppa Pig, it hasn't been on my rotation. My playlist is suffering, so I welcome any suggestions! 

CELEBRITY CLOSET YOU WANT TO RAID: I'd love to raid the closet of (insta celebs/celebs) TK Wonder, Esther Quek, and Kahlana Barfield Brown. 

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