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Posted on June 23 2016

Name: Kayla Furtado
Age: 24
Location: Phoenix, AZ
# of babes: 2

How would you best describe your style? 
If you were to step into my closet you'd see black, white, black and white stripes, and some splashes of red. I'd say my style is simple chic
Jane Birkin or Olivia Palermo? Hm, Olivia has amazing style, but I really love how easy Jane makes it look, and how over the years she really stayed true to herself. She didn't even have to try! 

If you could have any TV or movie characters wardrobe whose would you chose and why? 
Can I have Cher Horowitz's closet (Clueless), with Nicole Richie's wardrobe? I think we've all been dreaming of Cher's magical computer-organized closet, and Nicole Richie is my absolute favorite fashion icon. She is always on point! 

What made you choose the LB piece you're currently styling? 
As soon as I laid my eyes on the Haight and Ashbury "Mother" crop I knew it was a summer must have! 90% of all of my bottoms are high-waisted so the crop-top is so perfect, and I absolutely love the vintage font. Where's my bell bottoms at?!

What's in your bag? 
I used to keep my whole life in my bag, but since I'm usually chasing around my two toddlers and carrying one of them I've kept it to the bare necessities, my wallet, my LB I am modern motherhood specs, lip stick and the secret stash of bribery candy for when my babes need that extra push to listen Mama. Now don't ask me about what's in my car...... 

What has been the best fashion/beauty advice you've received?  
Be unapologetically you! You don't have to try so hard to follow the latest trends. You're rad no matter what you're rocking. 

How do you reset, recharge and keep feeling good as a Mama? 
Music. Oh man, put on some feel good jams. You'll find me dancing around my house singing my heart out. (Sorry neighbors) It's really crazy how good music can take you places without having to leave your house, and give you all the feels.

How has your style changed since being a Mom? 
I used to buy lots of prints, and statement pieces that I'd have to space out before I wore again because I mean people will notice if you've worn your red and white polka dot three time this week. Now I love basics, I can mix and match my whole entire wardrobe, the possibilities are endless! (and I can wear the same black tank three times in one week without anyone batting an eye!) 

Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to be stylish? Accessorize! Find yourself some rad outerwear (jackets, cardigans, etc), some great shoes, and fun jewelry! It can take even the most plain-Jane outfit to a whole new level! Have fun, stand tall and know that you ARE fabulous! Work it Mamas!! 

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