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Posted on June 21 2016

Name: Taylor Lemme
Age: 26
Location: Oceanside, ca
# of babes: 1


How would you best describe your style? If I had to best describe my style it would be "bohemian" but I am inspired by my environment so it changes often. 


Jane Birkin or Olivia Palermo? Jane Birkin, hands down. Those doe eyes and fringe bangs are everything. But if there was an option C: Stevie nicks. 


If you could have any TV or movie character’s wardrobe, whose would you choose and why? Jackie from that 70's show. I could live in bell bottoms and ringer tees. 


What made you choose the LB piece you’re currently styling? I chose the crop because I like to think I live in a perpetual state of summer! I also love that it says "mother"- a title that I'm most proud of!


What’s in your bag? Everything!!! Right now: keys for my store and car, a bag of lip colors that I rarely remember to apply, hand sanitizer, two pairs of sunglasses (because I'm indecisive), SNACKS for both Mila and I, and the book I'm reading at the moment. 


What has been the best fashion/beauty advice you’ve received? Fill in your eyebrows and spend money on quality staples for your wardrobe! 


How do you reset, recharge and keep feeling good as a mama? Run. I started running about a year ago and it changed my life. There is nothing like having just 30 minutes to let my mind rest and my body takeover. 


How has your style changed since becoming a mom? My style has seriously evolved for the better. I used to wear whatever I thought was "in" but it didn't always suit me. Nowadays, I know what looks good on my figure and I have more confidence in taking risks.


Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to still be stylish? Cliche.. But you have to stay true to yourself. Not all trends are for everyone and you have to dress for yourself. 


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