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BUILDING LB BRAND - A new weekly blog series with Little Boogaweezin® founder, Jen Roberts.

Posted on November 14 2017


In a time where social media is oversaturated with so-called influencers, brands, gurus, entrepreneurs and experts, one thing is true; the value of what we get bombarded with daily brings little or no value to your life.

Now, lets get honest.

More times then not when you exit out social media, you’re left feeling like perhaps you’re not doing enough, being enough or as far along in multiple areas of life. Career, family, love, parenting, business you name it, it stretches across the board. 

I want to change that.

There is so much time wasted on comparison and putting others on pedestals for things that in reality aren’t even fucking real. The Internet is an amazing thing; it just depends on how you use it and where you spend most of your time when on it. 

Now, lets get really fucking honest.

One day, you, the person reading this is going to die.

Now I’m willing to bet at this very second you’re not filled with warm and fuzzy feelings. Whether fear, sadness, anxiety or even uncomfortability lingers, that truth should be the barometer used to measure the true happiness you feel with the current state of your life. And I’m willing to bet if you’re still reading this, you might be unsure of what this has to do with the Little Boogaweezin.

My friend, it has everything to do with it.

2017 has been a year of absolute overhaul within LB on so many levels, which I will be sharing through my new weekly series, “Building LB Brand”.

At a time when so many are consumed with looking the part, whatever that part is, I want to bring something completely different. I want to walk you through what I’ve done so far with LB, but I will also be bringing you along the current behind-the-scenes as I continue building the brand. I want you to see the struggles and roadblocks I’ve experienced personally and with my business, along with my highlight reel, while giving you my experience, knowledge and insights 

Experience is my education and I can’t wait to share it with you. My first post drops right here on LB's blog tomorrow so be on the look out.

Thanks so much for riding with me this far!