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Posted on December 01 2017

At 35 years old, I've already said goodbye to my mother, step-father and brother through death. Every one of these tragic experiences changed me in unique ways, however, it was my brother's suicide that forced me to hear truths deep inside myself.

What I've learned so far is that when a human being genuinely hears the truth, they have no other option then to act on it. This is why clinging to false realities is so detrimental. It will steal a person's real life from them while they're busy lying to themselves. There is no real life in any illusion no matter how good the picture presented looks.

Where were the lies in my life? Where was I not 100% happy even if it meant walking into the unknown? Where was I holding myself back because of fear? Losing more then half your family in three years will change a person, but it was up to me to decide what the other side of the experience was going to look like.

For me and for him, my son.

Every morning I stand in front of my safe place, a nook in my home where my heart and soul is on display. A place where I can become grounded within seconds of looking at what's in front of me. 

My brother, Jesse, holding my son as a baby.

Found feathers.

My mother's ashes and a portrait of her at 22.

My son, Dylan, running on the beach. A piece of driftwood we found on our first canoe ride together. His little hands next to my Protector. Lover. Mother. tattoo.

My aura portrait as a daily reminder to honor the energetic world and universe in and around me.

I have become so acutely aware at the decisions I make in real-time and what story they will tell my son 30 years down the road. How my actions this very second are setting the stage to show my son what he's capable of no matter what life throws his way. I need him to know that it's imperative he chase whatever dream that sits inside of him even if his parents don't understand. To follow his passions when there will be others telling him, "no", or society saying, "you can't do that." To listen to and hone his intuition like his life depends on it, because at times it will.

To take risks.

To understand action is always better then ideas. To know he'll get knocked down a whole bunch but resiliency, determination and love is how he will win.




It's about the process, even when the process can be messy and uncertain. He will need to stare uncertainty straight in the face while he finds himself time and time again in the process of doing, of figuring out, of not giving up. Human beings meet themselves in the experience of their experiences. 

I know this because I did and I will continue to meet myself there.

The video below is from March 2017 after being passed to the second round in Shark Tank casting. One day my son will look back and see that his mom chased her dreams with him right beside her, even though four months later Little Boogaweezin was cut from season 9. The important thing is that he'll see how I persevered and where it later lead me to.

So I ask you, the reader, what story is your life telling?

I truly hope it's one you'll fall in love with over and over again.




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