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Brand Story

Little Boogaweezin® made its debut in 2013 as a children’s apparel brand from the founder, Jen Roberts’, kitchen table. After feeling dissatisfied with the standard pattern and design selection for infant and toddler clothing, she created unique blueprints, slogans, and illustrations for her son that spoke to childhood in a nonuniform way. Inspired by her son, she decided to name the brand, "Little Boogaweezin", which is his nickname.  

Jen began using her Instagram account as the avenue to promote, brand, and sell her products to other parents. LB’s first design, MILK DRUNK©, made its debut on a baby one-piece and orders quickly rolled in. It was during this time, Jen Roberts, began to reposition the brand’s direction, realizing there was a massive hole in the market. The void: A lifestyle brand for today’s modern generation of mothers.

With access to an ever-expanding network of moms who showcased daring personal style, Jen began reaching out to these women via social media to build a collaborative network with like-minded mommies. She quickly built a global community of women, mixing fashion, intrepid expression, and motherhood. These women were not only connected to one another through motherhood and fashion, but also by the ethos of the brand she created; the first ever lifestyle brand for the modern mama. Women who rock the Modern Motherhood brand transcend the mold of traditional parenthood through differing attitudes, views, and appearances.

Eventually, LB’s vision went viral in 2015 after images of Gwen Stefani surfaced donning the I Am Modern Motherhood® sunglasses at countless social outings.  In 2016, Jennifer Lopez joined the list of celebrities rocking the LB brand. Expanding LB even more, Jen Roberts introduced the Stylish Freethinker, MDRNFTHR® and Rise Of The Woman® collections. In 2017, pop star, Tove Lo joined the LB movement as well when she was spotted signing autographs in the brand's Rise Of The Woman® crop top. The LB brand gave a distinct and multiform voice, where one had previously never existed, to the contemporary woman with slogans such as “I Am Modern Motherhood®”, “Rise Of The Woman®” and “Protector. Lover. Mother.®”, emblazoned across apparel, outerwear, and sunglasses.

Inspired by past, present and future tastemakers, we are serving our present-day generation as a united family, a tight-knit community. Unquestionably cool, the LB brand is reflective of individuals daring enough to reclaim, reshape and redefine their personal freedoms of expression while creating a life as unique as they are. We are continuously shaped and molded by our global community of like-minded individuals; we truly are a movement influenced by our audience.