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Jenée (Jen) Roberts has always been on a quest to create on her own terms, and even as a teenager, she had a desire to craft. You had a better chance of finding her upcycling denim jeans on her bedroom floor in the suburbs of Philadelphia, than falling in line with her peers and attending classes. Those early days of bravura still prove to influence her path today. Jen cites the unique, bold, and unapologetically expressive culture of her hometown, Philly, as one of her major influences, although it was the death of her mother that was the catalyst to fearlessly chase her dreams and create the life she deeply desired.

Upon arriving home for her mother’s funeral in 2010, she found a book on her mother’s nightstand called, Repacking Your Bags: How to Live with a New Sense of Purpose. It was within those pages that Jen’s mother revealed she had never quite lived the life she’d desired; her mother underlined a quote several times that impacted Jen beyond words:

“Most people go to their graves with their music still inside them” 

Not only had Jen prematurely lost her mother to alcohol and prescription pill abuse, but she painfully realized her mom would never be able to create the life she truly desired. This reality forever changed her. Only three months later, Jen was shocked to find out she would become a mother.

Processing the grief and loss of her own mother in conjunction with her newfound motherhood, Jen felt a deep sense of purpose and anchored herself to preparing and building for the life that lay ahead. Just three years after losing her mom, she tragically lost her only brother when he took his own life. You can learn more about his story and her journey on the platform she created in 2014, Dear Jesse My Brother. Her commitment to transcend these circumstances can be seen in her unwavering commitment in believing she will make something beautiful out of the broken pieces.

Jenée invested 3k from her mother’s pension, growing The LB Brand into what it is today; a lifestyle brand pioneering a shift in expression for today’s generation. LB transcends the boundaries of traditional roles and their perceived appearances. The brand is inspired by past, present and future tastemakers, and serves a present day generation as a united family and a tight-knit community.

The LB Brand is Jen’s music.

The brand carries with it the life her mother dreamed for her and the life Jen has since created. It is all-encompassing of Jen’s formative years in Philadelphia, the influence of her mother, brother, the inspiration of her son, and the transcendence of herself.


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